A Visit to Argos Racing Cycles

The time had come for me to get a touring bike on the road so I decided to 'do up' the Dawes frame that Andrew had given me.I had to do a few alterations to it and needed a part to braze onto the frame to make the clearance at the back of the bike suitable for mudguards. I knew where to get the part from....Argos Racing Cycles. A quick trip over the Severn Bridge soon saw me into England and then into the city of Bristol, the home of Argos Racing Cycles. I knew how to get there as I had been to the Argos workshop a few times before. On arriving at Argos the welcome is alway friendly and one soon starts to look at the all the frames hanging on the wall either waiting for collection or waiting to be painted and then the eyes are drawn towards the display of coloured tubes which seems to have every colour under the Sun....and more ! Although they are called ‘Argos racing cyles’ they are equally at home making any type of bike and I remember buying a book called ‘ Into the remote Places ‘ by Ian Hibell.......Ian Hibell cycled all over the world, some of his adventures where done on a special Argos made ‘indestructible‘ touring frame with a built-in pannier frame. Over the years Argos have built up a fine reputation for restoring veteran cycles frames and I had a good drool over a Bates, a Holdsworth, a Claude and a Jack Taylor tandem ! These were hanging on the wall next to some ultra modern frames which had been re-painted, my favourite being a Bianchi which looked like it had just left the factory in Italy !...I had a chat with Gary Needham who is the main man at Argos and does all the frame building. Another man, who was delivering something to Argos, joined in the chat and made a friendly joke about my accent, little did they know that I was having a secret chuckle over thier West Country accents ! I had a great time and can't wait till I go there and smell the paint again !

Check out the Argos Racing Cycles website here.

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