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Andrew and I decided that it would be a good idea to visit Argos Racing Cycles to see how the repairs to his beloved blue and gold Mercian were coming along and to take a few photos so Andrew gave Garry Needham, the boss at Argos, a ring to arrange a time and date. "Whenever you like" was the answer, so we set forth toward the Severn bridge on our way that very morning! After weaving through the busy Saturday morning Bristol traffic, just like the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, we finally arrived at our destination. Gary showed us in and then proceeded to explain what he had done to Andrews frame, which included the complete removal and re-fitting of the front triangle and straightening of the right rear seat stay ! Then the task of repainting the frame in Andrew’s complicated vision in blue and gold can start ! Gary showed us around the workshop and answered our questions and showed us photos of Ian Hibell and his Argos built super touring bike. Time was getting on so we thanked Gary for showing us around once again and made our way into Bristol. After dodging the skate boarders we ate a kebab followed by a maple crepe ! We had a great day with lots of laughs and we look forward to when Andrew's frame is ready for collection. To see how Andrew crashed his bike in the first place, click here ! ....UPDATE...see the finished

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