A visit to the bike show 2004
We hadn’t visited the Bike Show at the N.E.C. for about 5 years after getting slightly disillusioned with it’s content, the last time we were there it was all BMX, Mountain bikes and loud music, there were even some motorcycles on display, okay if you like that sort of thing but not our cup of tea at all! This year we decided, on a whim, to give it another go and to see what was new on offer in the bike world, Andrew was especially looking forward to having a close up look the Lightspeed bikes. We decided to arrive slightly later than we had in previous years in order to avoid the queues that are always at the N.E.C first thing in the morning so the show was in full swing when we got there. There were plenty of people there although it wasn’t overcrowded as we walked around looking for something of interest. We soon found a display of retro racing bikes, one of which was the Bianchi used by Marco Pantani during the 1998 season, the year he won both the Tour and the Giro, it was a poignant reminder of ‘Il Pirata’. We then had a stop at the Thorn stand and had a chat with the man about frame building. Thorn had some excellent frames and bikes on show. We had a good look around the show at all the goodies on display and finally arrived at the Lightspeed and Merlin display. After drooling over these titanium framed bikes for a while we made our way out past the girls on the Muddy Fox stand where Andrew couldn’t resist posing with them for a photograph. As we made our way toward the car park Andrew was attacked by some storm-troopers that may have accidentally strayed off the set of Star Wars! So, all in all there were a few touring and road bikes but not enough to warrant, we think, the 200 mile round trip and the £15 each entrance fee! It will probably be another 5 years before we visit the Bike Show again!
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