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"Bill Houston vowed, when he came out of the army in 1946 that no one was going to order him about for the next 20 years. That’s now 25 years ago and he still enjoys roaming the world the way he has done since childhood on his bike"

After the introduction by the narrator the documentary starts off with Bill talking about how he started cycling at 11 years of age when his brother gave him a bike, Bill tells us he can go back to diaries and he has calculated that he has cycled nearly 400,000 miles. A few slides are shown of Bill's travels abroad.

The narrator tells us that Bill has cycled in 43 countries from Lapland to the Sahara!

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“I used to see places that where marked on the map where tourists just hadn’t been. Sardinia, Morocco, Iceland, Turkey and when Yugoslavia opened its frontier for the first I went there and that started me going to places that nobody had been, and we went to countries that were behind Iron Curtain and met some good people, nice people. Then, if I wanted solitude up to Iceland where on one trip I never spoke to anybody for 17 days so when I stared talking to my bike I thought it was time I was coming out into civilization.”

Bill explains that, whilst he still camps when he is abroad, in Britain he uses Youth Hostels and is a member of the YHA (Youth Hostel Association) He calls them his ‘weekend cottages’.

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