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Before Bill began his foreign travels he spent 3 summers exploring every corner of Britain and Ireland.

“Most people look at a hill and they say “Well, there’s something over that “ and I like to do it, I like to get to the top of it and they look at a map, there’s no road. So nowadays most people run about in fearsome things called motorcars, I detest the things but you canny put one of these over your shoulder and go up to the top of the hill like I can do with my bike, and when I do that I can see what’s on the other side I can ride it away from the other side because you normally get a road on the other side, and I have done something. There I am on the other side and away I go and look for something else.”

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Bill does some maintanence on his freewheel using a hammer and screwdriver ! Afterwards he meets up with his friend, Jackie to go off for a run in the countryside under capes.

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