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After taking shelter from the rain under the arches of a road bridge Bill and Jackie proceed to produce the most amazing amount of provisions from their saddlebags! Jackie’s inventory, amongst other things, includes: A plastic sheet, some sausages, an enamel mug, a Primus stove, 2 tins of Campbell’s condensed soup, a pot of jam, a glass jar, a plastic screw-top container, three brown paper bags with something in them, a metal knife and fork, a set of aluminium cooking pots, some bread rolls, a packet of cakes and half a pound of ‘Lurpak’ butter! Meanwhile, Bill has spread out a similar amount of items, if not more!

"They have extremely healthy appetites" comments the narrator.

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Bill has the last word:-

“At the end of the day if you have travelled and did something hard you’re ready for something to eat, and then when you’ve got something to eat and you feel that wee bit of tiredness coming over yourself you say “I have achieved something on my own two legs” you’ve moved your body, because everybody’s body is made to withstand a certain amount of punishment and this punishment is good for you, I’d think, because people are getting to soft nowadays, they are sitting in big chairs watching TV or they are sitting in motor-cars, they’re sitting everywhere. But maybe out there on the weekend we punish ourselves to our own satisfaction but its not punishment, to us its pleasure because when we think its getting to hard we ease up that wee wee wee bit and we still carry on although there might be an another hour at the end of the day but what’s an hour when you‘ve had a day of pleasure?”

The documentary ends with a shot of Bill doing what he loves best....cycling in the the rain !

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