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To celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee a camping trip was arranged to start the day before my 52nd birthday. Our destination was the Black Mountains on the Welsh-English border. According to our late Uncle Ron, this area is generally regarded as a testing ground, for man and machine! My new Surly was performing well, I was doubtful of having STI shifters on a touring bike but these lower end Shimano levers worked very well. Eight-speed and a low-geared double chainset is a good set-up for these rough-stuff trips coupled with cross-top brake levers, the Surly was a very stable and effective machine. Our route took us from Croesyceiliog to Glascoed and over to Llanellen and Abergavenny. Here The Brothers visited the steam-rally that takes place every year. Out then into the country we cycled and started the penetration into the Black mountains. Through Fforest Coalpit and then on the remote lane toward the Grwyne Fawr reservoir we traveled. A forest access track was then taken through Mynydd Du forest, this paths zig-zags it's way up toward the giant Pen-y-Gadair Fawr mountain at 800 metres. As the sun set camp was set up and there was a good meal enjoyed as the large orange full Moon came up in the sky. Temperatures were about 10 C so not that cold as we settled in for the night....30 miles.

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Day 1 - Day 2

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