Nick starts his day shift at 09:00 in Maindee Fire Station Newport City. I decided to cycle down with him. It was 07:30 and already it was a scorching hot morning. The quiet canal towpath was to be our route on this Sunday morning. There were many geese to be seen and fluffy cygnets as we cycled along Nick’s usual route to work. Even the river Usk in Newport looked a beautiful site as the high tide lapped up to the castle. Crossing the new footbridge, we arrived at the fire station. Here I left Nick and cycled up to the Usk valley overlooking the Ryder cup golf course which will take place later on this year. The lakes of the course glistened in the sun and the whole valley looked striking on this warm Sunday morning. I crossed the river over the small bridge in the tiny village of Newbridge. From here there is a climb up to the top of the ridge that again overlooks the Usk valley. It was not long before I reached home in the baking heat via the Trehebert road.....25 miles.

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