2012 started differently to 2011, instead of the freezing cold temperatures of the previous year the first week was mild with gale force winds and torrential rain! However on the Sunday all was calm, with temperatures reaching 10 degrees. I cycled the 8 miles to Newport to meet Nick who had just finished his day shift at Maindee Fire Station. Nick does this commute every shift on his fixed wheel Tom Crowther bike. The city was left quickly behind and the Monmouthshire Brecon canal was joined at Malpas. I had my Hope Vision single led lamp blasting a hole of light  along the dark tow-path. The ride is quite steady but the inclines along the many locks were a bit of a shock for myself after an absence of cycling through the Solstice celebrations! Apart from this it was an enjoyable ride back home in less than an hour....16 miles.

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