Lagoon Blue, dedicated to the bike of my dreams when I was a teenager.

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Here is me aged 13, 14, and 16 with my Carlton's.
Thank's Dad for buying me these bikes!

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Carlton brochure 1971

Jerry Mortimore kindly sent me these scans of his 1971 Carlton brochure. This was the brochure I used to drool over and from which I finally bought my Carlton Pro based on the one in the brochure. Jerry is the Carlton marque enthusiast for the Veteran Cycle Club. Thanks for the memories Jerry!

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Mike Short's Carlton Professional.

Mike Short in Austin, Texas USA sent me these photos of his beautiful lagoon blue Carlton Pro. It was originally purchased for Mike, by his Dad, from a bike shop in Sheffield in the UK, It has been ridden on 3 continents - Africa, Europe and North America and is all original except for tyres, gum brake hoods, brake blocks and a replacement large chainring.... great !

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A lagoon blue Carlton Pro frame, as seen on Ebay. 2.7.04

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