Cefn Ila - The demolition of the coach house and stable block.


I was shocked and dismayed on one of my visits to Cefn Ila to find that work had started on the demolition of the coach house and stable-block and the subsequent construction of a 'bat-roost'. I contacted the Woodland Trust's Cefn Ila site manager to ask about it but there seemed to be some confusion over who actually owned the area around where Cefn Ila once stood, the site manager was of the opinion that the Woodland Trust owned the whole area, however, the demolition and erection of the bat-roost was being carried out by 'Global Combat Systems' or otherwise better known as ROF Glascoed. I am no bat expert but I would have though that any self-respecting bat would have much preferred and old, disused, building, with it's associated timber beams and all those nooks and cranny's in the brickwork rather than a new breeze-block and concrete construction that more than resembles a public toilet block. The old buildings seemed to be in no imminent danger of falling down and in fact I thought they were in quite good condition for their age. A big 'thumbs down' for whoever organized the demolition.

You can see the coach house as it was here

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