In the past the Brother's preferred weekly ride was always on a Saturday evening and many hours were logged along the dark lanes of Gwent. These rides were illuminated by some pretty basic lamps including my 1.5 watt Vistalite and Nick's heavy lead acid 10 watt Vistalite. However technology progressed and we both used quite bright Lumicycle lamps with separate Ni-Cad batteries for a while.. Now, LED technology has taken a giant leap and the Brothers have, by accident, ended up with the same setup. Gone now are the leads, lamps and battery bags, the main lights used are the single LED Hope Visions which use four AA batteries with three settings, it produces the equivalent of 15 Watts on the highest setting. Backup is supplied by 2 Watt Smart LED lamps. It was time to go out  again on a Saturday at 20:00 from Ashford Hall The Brothers set off, Nick had joined me in acquiring a Garmin GPS cycle computer (more leads gone!). The ride went out on to the Trehebert road and then a stiff one up to Croesyllwarch. One of the reasons for coming out at night was the dry weather and after days of rain it fortunately remained dry. Dropping down to Newbridge-on-Usk and then on to Llantrisant, saw my Mercian running very sweetly indeed! Nick was riding his Longstaff for the first time this year. The flood route was taken to Usk where there was a band playing in the Cross Keys pub, something to do with the Usk festival no doubt. The lamps were lit and there was a sweet smelling ride back on our 'traditional' route via Prescoed, Coed-y-Paen and the Treherbert road....30 km  with 570 metres of climbing.

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