After a week of snow the thaw had begun and heavy rain the previous day had cleared the thick layer of snow. This, in combination with the hide tide, had meant one thing - floods! The Brothers cycled out to Newbridge-on-Usk. It was a Sunday morning and the roads were clear, however, a car driver turned back by the pub near the River Usk upon seeing it was swollen, he shouted out to us to turn back as the river was flooded! It was not very deep to start with so we had fun dancing on the pedals in order to keep our feet dry. However, this method proved to be no good as we went past Llanllowell. A Land Rover driver informed us that the road was impassable and we would have to turn back, thanking him we carried on, a fellow cyclist was carrying his bike through some fast flowing water the opposite direction. The decision was  made to keep going, it was a bit of a struggle cycling through the heavy current but we made it to dry land! After this soaking the dry road to Usk was very welcome. Being now quite cold we did not hang around on the road back home via Prescoed, Coed y Paen and the Trehebert road....28kms.

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