27.07.1931 - 1.9.2006

Dad - seeking out 'the shade' with a can of gin & tonic in his hand!

It was my Dad who first got me into cycling as a sport and a hobby. I remember helping him do up an old Carlton bike that had laying out the back of our house for ages. After rubbing the frame down a new coat of paint was applied courtesy of 'Dupli-Color', Flame Red was the colour or was it 'Blaze'? New adjusters for the brakes were needed and then it was ready to ride. Carlton Cycles became my favourite make of bike and then came Christmas 1972 and the arrival of the Carlton 'Corsa', a lovely metallic green machine, a new bike which I loved, rode and polished with Turtle Wax it until it probably fell apart, I can still smell the polish now. Later came the Carlton 'Pro' with it beautiful Lagoon Blue colour. See the Carltons here. Later, Dad kept my cycling hopes and dreams alive by talking about ordering a custom-made frame - a Wester Ross - with parts selected from the 'Freewheel' catalogue which we would look at together. Dad and I would look through the catalogue and make a list of what parts that we would use, Campagnolo, TA, Stronglight - we differed on some of the parts but there was always one constant for some reason- the Huret 'Duopar' !!. The frame was never ordered but that didn't matter, the seeds were sown, and from those seeds a life-long love of bikes and cycling was born.

Dad, for all the times you picked me up when I had a puncture out in the countryside with no way of fixing it and for all the times you ran me up to 'Jack Hatfields' bike shop and for all the times you showed me how to fix my bike I thank you.

With Nick, 1961.

Dad riding his Raleigh Clubman, 1983.

Dad worried about the cows, 1983.

Nick and Dad in the Grwnyne Fechan 1984.

Dad riding the Taff Trail, 1996.

With Nick, 2003.

Thanks again Dad.