The Evolution of my

George Longstaff 853 Audax 1998

The Longstaff's 10-Yearly Overhaul.

The Barley and the Bagman Summer '05
New Lumicycle front lamp Autumn '04
The TA Vega chainset Spring '04

Spring 2003

Over the winter I decided to put some new parts on the Longstaff. The kit on it at present comprises of my favourite 'homemade' bits which include the Middleburn chainset, Hope front and rear hubs and botttom bracket, Precision billet derailleurs and also the Gilles Berthoud carbon fibre mudguards. I call them 'homemade' but in fact they are all superbly CNC'd machined parts. All these parts where taken off and are to be kept for a new 'special' project ! I had decided to fit a complete groupset from one manufacturer and that it had to be a groupset with smooth enough lines to compliment my lugless Longstaff !....and, as I had always used Shimano components that groupset had to be the top of the range....Dura-Ace triple. The only exception to this was to be the T.A. Zephyr chainset, this was chosen because it gave better gear ratios with it's 46, 36, 26 chainrings rather than the racing triple Dura-Ace ratios which are to high. Also, the finish on the TA is equal to, and compliments the other Shimano equipment. My Longstaff already had a Dura-Ace headset, seat post and cassette so all I had to do was to finish it off with STI levers, front and rear derailleurs, hubs and brakes ! The bike now looks really smooth all over and with the Dura-Ace quality I know I have the best and that it will work faultlessly....more or less !

Gilles Berthoud carbon fibre mudguards !
The Carradice Super C saddlepack.
Nic's bike in the year 2000 BD (before Dura-Ace)

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