The King - Alf Engers at Speed.

Alf Engers was one of my heroes. I remember going to see him and his bike in a time trial near Usk...every part on his all-chrome Shorter was drilled out to perfection, even the handlebars. What a machine....and what a rider ! It was a fantastic sight to see the bike sparkling down the road with it's chrome spokes and shiny frame with it's fag paper clearances, and with Alf turning those big gears, great !

Updated 6.12.010

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My favourite action shot!, Look at the holes in those brakes !....and the handlebars !

Alf in race action and exhausted after the race! Look at the drilled-out Campagnolo chainset! The brakes appear to be Weinmann '500's' and the rear derailleur looks like a Huret 'Jubilee' - one of the lightest derailleurs ever made. Nice.

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Alf riding his Campagnolo equipped Alec Bird in 1975. Look at those fag-paper clearances!!

Alf, riding for the Wooloich CC, in action winning the 1976 National '25' title, his 6th title in 8 years! Note the rare photo of The King smiling!! Scans from 'Cycling' 12.6.76

A fantastic photo of Alf on the drilled-out chrome flying machine taken by cycling photographer Bernard Thompson. Click to enlarge.

From the front page of 'Cycling' 12.8.78, see also 'Amazing Alf' as reported by Dennis Donovan inside the same edition. Read Alf and the 49:24, Gordon Hayes' superb account of Alf's record-breaking sub-50 ride.

The following 6 scans were sent to me by Alf Engers fan Ian Bancroft - thanks Ian!

Alf Engers - How I broke the '25' record.

Al Engers - Alf plays it cool.

Alf Engers - It's no Secret.

Alf Engers

Alf Engers

Alf Engers

Alf in action.

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Dale Brown sent me this great photo scan from International Cycle Sport, Nov. 1975 of 'King Alf' flying along in top gear. The drilled out chainring, brake levers and handlebars can be clearly seen in the photo. There are also 2 pages of text to go with this photo Page1 - Page2 Thanks Dale!

Some great photos of Alf in action from the Ron Kitching 'Everthing Cycling' brochure 1987.

Paul Gittins took this great photo of Alf at Catterick at the finish of the T254 course. Click to enlarge.

Scary Alf concentrating before a ride. Click the image to enlarge.

Alf's drilled out bars.

Nigel Scott of CampyOldy sent me these great photos of some bars that once belonged to the King, have a close look, you can see right through them!