Rare 1928 Evans.

I was lucky enough to be staying near the British Cycling Museum whilst I was on holiday in Cornwall this August ('04) so I popped along especially to take some photographs of the rare 1928 Evans that they have there. I had already asked if it was OK to photograph the Evans and the proprietors, Mr. & Mrs. Middleton, were very helpful when arrived. Unfortunately I only had half an hour before the museum closed to take the photos and have a quick look around. There was so much to look at so so I promised myself another visit and next time stay for the day.

The Evans frame is completely covered with Bluemels Florentine Bronze and Black Celluloid patent number 193263 which was a special finish only available for a year. Equipment include Sturmey-Archer 'K' 3 Speed, Constrictor brakes and Chater-Lea quick release front hub. The frame has the Evans 'Direct Lubrication System' which is a system for lubricating the bottom bracket bearings with 2 oil ports on the bottom bracket shell. Also, the frame has the special Evans rear fork ends which take screw adjusters. The bike was purchased in 1928, the gentleman who owned it would cycle from the city to Bath regularly. He went blind in 1932 but would not allow anyone else to ride his pride and joy and then it was stored until it was purchased by the museum in 1999.

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