1939 Evans tourer.
Notes by Hilary Stone, Bristol.

F.W. Evans 21inch touring bike dating from 1939. The frame has the special Evans rear fork ends which take screw adjusters - for this F. W. Evans was awarded the CTC Silver Plaque in 1926 for the greatest improvement in cycle design. The bottom bracket has Evans direct lubrication system with two grease ports on either side on top of the bottom bracket shell. A BSA chainset is fitted together with Constrictor Boa pedals (made by BSA). The wheels are Dunlop 26 x 1 1/4in stainless steel high pressure rims with an Airlite small flange hub in the front and a more modern Sturmey Archer AW 3-speed hub gear in the rear. A Brooks B17 saddle with oval badge is fitted and the brakes are Resilion Cantilever - these have been painted black. The bars and stem are a chrome plated pair very typical of the 1930s. The mudguards are a narrow section Bluemels which may be a bit later but have the correct wingnut fittings.

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Photos courtesy of Hilary Stone, Bristol.