George Longstaff

World renowned cycle frame builder
1946 - 2003

I was shocked and saddened when I learnt of George's death from friend in the USA. At first I didn't believe it and had to check on the Longstaff Cycles website to see if it was true. It was. George had suffered a severe heart attack and died on the morning of Sunday, 5th of October 2003, aged 56. At the time of his collapse George was out on a Longstaff Owners Club ride, captaining his tandem trike with Bev, his wife, as the stoker. I had always enjoyed the drive up the M6 to Chesterton and I had visited the Longstaff Cycle Centre on several occasions. George was always helpful and didn't seem to mind me bombarding him with questions and taking photographs of him from awkward angles. Indeed, he would just carried on with the task in hand and often told amusing stories which he often laughed at himself!

George's workmanship speaks for itself and his name lives on
in the machines that he crafted.

Collecting my frame in March 1998 at the Longstaff workshop.

This obituary from 'Cycling Weekly' October 25th 2003.


GEORGE Longstaff, much respected frame-builder and life long cyclist of Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshife, died while piloting a tandem trike on Sunday October 5. Longstaff and his wife Bev, who was riding as stoker, where leading a Longstaff Owners' Club run. Longstaff was a well-know and exceptionally talented and forward thinking engineer.The bicycles, tandems and tricycles he designed and built have a well-deserved reputation for quality. He also adapted cycling equipment for disabled cyclists. CTC Technical officer Chris Juden commented: "George's ingenuity provided so many ways to keep people awheel that I often though: 'What would we do without George?' "But never did I think that we would actually have to confront that question - or not so soon. The cycling world will be poorer with out him." CTC director Kevin Mayne commented: On behalf of the CTC, I would Like to send my condolences to George's family and friends. He was a gifted generous and open-minded man whose passing is a real loss to the cycling community."

I bumped into George at a bike show at the N.E.C 2000.

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