Jack Taylor 1963 'Sports' model.

I am the proud new owner of Jack Taylor frame number 4809, the frame is in a well worn condition but seems to have been looked after over the years and although the paint is missing in plenty of places there is not a lot of rust, this is due in part, I think, to the original owner(s) using plenty of oil which is evident by the thick layer of oily gunge under the fork crown!

The frame measures 21.5 inches centre to centre and at first glance the tri-colour looks to be red-turquoise-silver fade but on closer inspection the turquoise is, or was, in fact, a deep emerald green. This is easy to see where the transfers have rubbed off and especially under the fork crowns where the paintwork has been protected from the sunlight.

Have a look at some stills from the BBC documentary 'The BikeBrothers' and be sure to visit Joel Metz' definitive Jack Taylor site.

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