Mr Lord's Kwiklift

Being an avid saddlebag user I have always been interested in ways of supporting saddlebags other than using a rack. Various companies have brought out there own supports, Carradice and earlier Karrimor designs being amongst some of the more popular, however, I came across this unusual saddlebag support called the ‘Kwiklift’ made by W.G. Lord from Newton le Willows near St Helens. At first it looks rather strange and homemade but on closer inspection it is a very well though out piece of kit. Constructed from aluminium the Kwiklift bolts to the saddle rails using some chunky ¾ inch square section tube which has cut-outs designed to fit designated saddles, unfortunately the Kwiklift that I had purchased didn’t fit my Brooks Professional saddle so it wasn’t long before I was up my workshop making a replacement bracket to fit my Brooks. I managed to get exactly the right size aluminium square tube from Ebay and the replacement bracket was quite easy to make with a little bit of engineering skill. The saddlebag itself fits to an aluminium bar which, in turn, slots into the main body of the support, the weight of the saddlebag swings the support rails down and against the main body, the bottom saddlebag strap then holds the whole thing secure. Great!

Click an image to see larger version.

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