Nic's new Lumicycle halide 10 watt arc lamp.
November '04

If you are a dedicated night-rider like the me then you will know that a decent set of lights is a must. I have been a fan of Lumicycle lights for a long time now and I bought my first Lumicycle NiMH System in 2000, it is still going strong and up until now I have been using a single 12 watt halogen lamp. I had been toying with the idea of upgrading to the new Lumicycle halide 10 watt lamp for while but was being put off by the price, however, after I saw a review in 'Cycling Plus' praising the lamp up I decided to take the plunge and get one. I was initially surprised by the weight and the size of the lamp but I was comparing this to my old Lumicycle halogen lamp, which is tiny and very lightweight. This extra weight could be offset by getting the new Li-Ion battery pack, which is almost half the weight of the NiMH battery that I was using. The 'futuristic' CNC machined aluminium lamp unit is styled quite uniquely and Andrew says it reminds him of a spaceship that might be found in an old Flash Gordon movie! I had to agree it is a strange design but this, for me, adds to its appeal. The lamp unit is fitted with a quick release cam-lock bracket for quick installation and removal from the handlebars.

In use the lamp gives off an intense bluish white light, a similar colour to the white LED's we have been using and it has the equivalent brightness of a 40 watt halogen lamp although the lamp only consumes 10 watts of power. When the lamp is switched on it gives a flicker then there is a dull light and a second later the lamp springs into life quickly getting brighter and brighter and in a few seconds full power is achieved. The beam pattern is perfect for my use with an incredibly bright centre beam fading back towards the bike in a large circle of light that lights up both sides of the road from about a metre in front of the bike. The beam has none of the irritating lens markings that you sometimes get on other lamps, just pure light! I'm looking forward to using the light over the coming months and will report back next spring !

See the Lumicycle website hereClick an image to see arger version.