Nic's Longstaff's 10-yearly Overhaul - March 2008

“A bike is a tool - a tool to do a job”, George Longstaff.

Nic's Longstaff is now 10 years old and so a complete overhaul was in order. The Longstaff always gets a springtime overhaul but this time I decided to have it re-enamelled as well.

At Argos Racing Cycles

The traditional colour scheme for a Longstaff is one colour all over with discrete transfers and so I decided to keep the frame looking exactly as it was before with the original colour of flamboyant blue and with the same gold Longstaff script transfers. The frame painting was done by Argos Racing Cycles who did a superb job; the frame looks like it has been dipped in blue liquid glass and the gold transfers skilfully fitted. The Argos Racing Cycles workshop is always a pleasure to visit and I drooled over the many frames hanging on the wall either awaiting renovation or for collection. Again I talked to Garry, Argos's knowledgeable proprietor, about all things to do with bike frames both old and new and as Garry showed me around we discussed the finer points of lug carving, frame building and colour schemes whilst all the time the smell of spray-paint wafted throughout the workshop. Heaven!

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I also decided to treat the Longstaff to few new bits and pieces and these included a set of handlebars, a handlebar stem and seat post, all by Nitto of Japan. The new Nitto parts are superbly finished and they compliment the Shimano Dura-Ace 9-speed parts well. The seat post was quite hard to get hold of being in the now non-standard size of 27.0mm but Will at Hubjub sourced it for me just in time for the reassembly of the bike. There was also one extravagant extra – a carbon fibre bottle cage!

The Rixen and Kaul Contour Max-Sport saddle pack.

In the past I have tried all sorts of saddle-packs mainly from Karrimor and Carradice but it was now time to try something new and the Rixen & Kaul Max Sport took my fancy because of it's larger capacity and the fact that it has it's own support frame that keeps the pack stable and also keeps it away from the bike's paintwork.

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A new chain and cables were all that was needed to complete the overhaul in time for its maiden run hopefully at Easter time.

The Tool.

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