Suzanne & Maizie

Suzanne has loved horses since the age of four years which was when she first started having riding lessons after being encouraged by her Mum, who also loved horses when she was a young girl.

Suzanne had riding lessons every weekend and since that early age her ambition was always to own her own horse.

Even on holiday Suzanne had to go horse riding!

Suzanne would enter shows on any horse she could beg, streal or borrow !

After leaving school and getting a full-time job Suzanne saved up every penny she earned her ambition of owning her own horse was realised on July 6th 2003. After months of searching advertisments in news papers Suzanne went to see a horse which was kept at a farm in Cwmbran.

Suzanne fell in love with Maizie the first time she saw her and after several rides out with Maizie's previous owner she decided to take the plunge and buy her.

After a hair raising trot from one side of Cwmbran to the other, Suzanne settled her horse in her new home at some livery stables not far from Sor brook near Coed-y-Paen.



Part 2
The move to Court Farm

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