The mild Autumn winter continued as I cycled down to Newport via the Caerleon cycle-track that follows the river Usk. I met Nick at the junction of the canals at Malpas, on the outskirts of Newport, he had just finished his night-shift at Maindee fire station, our route was to be one we had cycled on a few times this year. The canal was followed up to the Fourteen Locks picnic area, here supplies were bought in the shop. There were quite a lot of people out that day, temperatures reached 16 degrees and the ride was pleasant to Cwmcarn. At the bottom car-park of the mountain scenic drive, the MTB'ers were out in force, the downhill bus-service, at £25 per day, is a big attraction for the bikers who travel from far and wide to get to this MTB heaven. The ride this time of year is just as good as any other, the trees were turning colour and a celestial climb was enjoyed to the top of the Mynydd Henllys mountain ridge. After talking to a couple of mountain bikers we crossed over the ridge. Any person visiting here for the first time, would be impressed by it's excellent view of the Severn Estuary and surrounding countryside, it certainly is a beautiful sight at any time and every time we see it. The rough track toward the asphalt lane that leads to Henllys was taken. Nick, with his Weste Ross 'rough stuff' machine was able to descend quite quickly, but I was left behind a bit on my Mercian. There was confusion on the descent and we lost each other so we made our separate ways back home to Croesyceiliog....25 miles.

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