My hankering for a lightweight racing style of bike to take me on those lovely summer evening rides was still there! I had read a lot of favourable reviews about titanium frames and I had always fancied a frame from the British firm of Omega Cycle Works but unfortunately they had stopped trading so I kept my open on Ebay. Omega frames on Ebay are few and far between on Ebay but after a long time one came up up for auction in my size. After a pleasant trip to London I met the seller at Hounslow railway station and a titanium frame was now mine.

See the 2006 Omega brochure here (pdf file).

The frame looked a bit rough when I bought it, having lots of tiny scratches and some deeper grooves caused by rubbing of the various cables. The old-style Omega decals were in a bad state and had to go, luckily new decals are still available from Mark Reilly, the original owner of Omega Cycle Works.

July '09. Click images to see larger version.

The classic titanium brushed finish is achieved by rubbing the frame with a fine grade 'Scotchbright' pad, so, after using some fine emery paper to remove the deeper grooves, I set to work brushing the frame. After many happy hours of rubbing and brushing and listening to music I now had a superbly finished titanium frame before me. The next step was to apply the decals, a steady hand and a keen eye is needed to get this done properly!

August '09. Click images to see larger version.

I didn't want to spend to much on the components so, in a break from my usual Shimano loyalty, I chose Campagnolo Veloce which are both cheap, lightweight and, most importantly, they look good! The rest of the components were also chosen for their balance between weight and price (and they had to look good!). I ended up with a sub 17lb bike and all that remains to do now is fit a saddle pack and give her a test ride as soon as the weather perks up.

Click an image to see larger version.