Mathew Parris - misguided fool.

Matthew Parris wrote this nasty article about cyclists in the 'Times Online' which is reproduced below, in it he makes several assumptions, most of which are not true, how many cyclist do you know who use "cans of hi-energy drinks" and then "chuck them into hedgerows as they pass"? (such litter is quite obviously being thrown from car windows). The article gets even more bizarre when Parris rants on about Lycra and man-made fibres, very odd, we all have to wear clothes on or off the bike. Parris claims it was meant to be a humorous article but there is nothing humourous about encouraging people to put piano wire across country lanes. Unbelievably Parris was once a Conservative MP. At the end of the article he calls cyclists "insolent jerks"! Parris has made a half-hearted appolgy.

If someone attacked the gay community (Parris is openly gay) for what they do and for what they wear in the way that Parris has attacked the cycling community they would probably be arrested the next day, and rightly so.

I never liked Mathew Parris before when I used to see him on the television with his pathetic, weedy, effeminate voice and that stupid grin of his, now I like him even less.

Mathew Parris and his stupid grin.

See the original article here.

What's smug and deserves to be decapitated?

Matthew Parris: My Week

A festive custom we could do worse than foster would be stringing piano wire across country lanes to decapitate cyclists. It's not just the Lycra, though Heaven knows this atrocity alone should be a capital offence; nor the helmets, though these ludicrous items of headgear are designed to protect the only part of a cyclist that is not usefully employed; nor the self-righteousness, though a small band of sports cyclists on winter's morning emits more of that than a cathedral at evensong; nor even the brutish disregard for all other road users, though the lynching of a cyclist by a mob of mothers with pushchairs would be a joy to witness.

No, yet another cyclist-generated horror and a new one has come to my attention this Christmas. They're chucking their empty cans of hi-energy drinks into hedgerows as they pass.

Bin-liners in hand, a group of us, infused with the seasonal goodwill that illuminates this column, of course, decided to walk a mile of a pretty and winding lane that had become particularly badly littered this winter, and collect it all. It's amazing how much of the stuff there is when you start looking, and we ended up with a whole sackful. And what was the principal offending item? Plastic bottles and empty cans of Lucozade, Gatorade and other blood-sugar-boosting products were lodged high in hedgerows at cyclist level. Forgive me, but pedestrians were not the culprits here.

What is the carbon footprint of a panting, sugar-gulping, chocolate-chewing, Lycra-clad leisure-cyclist? a) His or her journey is totally unnecessary; b) whole convoys of cargo boats steam the Atlantic to bring the molasses to be energy-intensively refined for them; and c) the chemical processes that generate the vile materials that clothe, shoe and helmet a cyclist not a man-made fibre among them will be poisoning entire provinces of China.

But it's the bad manners one cannot forgive. Driving or walking, don't you just hate the way that, riding two or three abreast, they shout and curse at you or whir their angry little bells, as though it's your problem that they need to clear the way? In just one little posse of these monsters there are levels of self-satisfaction that could power a small religious crusade.

Does cycling turn you into an insolent jerk? Or are insolent jerks drawn disproportionately to cycling?

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