(Uncle Ron)

1922 - 2008

Uncle Ron inspired us to go cycling from an early age, his tales of his cycling adventures in the Towy Valley and elsewhere made us want to do the same. So, every year we set forth for this wild area of Mid-Wales and check out the places he has told us about. Ron was the driving force behind the runs section of the Pontypool Cycling Club for many years, before and after the war, and he wrote about their Sunday runs in the Pontypool Free Press every week, one of our favourite entries is below.

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My Rival the Towy Valley
An ode to Ron by Joan Stephens

Ron in a race in Newport in 1949

One of our favourite 'Uncle Ron' entries in the Pontypool Free Press.

Ron's first bike was a Raleigh Record Ace which he had in 1936, aged 14. This scan was taken from the 1937 Raleigh brochure. Click the picture to see larger version

Ron cycletouring in Scotland in 1949.

Click here to see Ron's account of this tour, as written in the 'Free Press' of Pontypool - clicke here to see a Youtube video of when Ron re-visited Scotland to go to Cape Wrath.

Ron at speed (check out those tights and baggy shorts!)


Ron (middle) in a running race! In Crickhowell.


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Pontypool R.C. at Llyswen circa 1945

Standing left to right....Bert Wilson (Club sec.) - Jack Jones - Unknown lady - Unknown - Roy Walsh - Johnny Jones - Frank Wilson - Peter Hughes - Ron Jeffries (Runs sec. & pre-war member).
Sitting left to right....Joe Cook (pre-war member) - Charlie Dingle - Unknown - Dennis Thomas - Unknown Lady (from London).

Ron competing in a 10 mile time-trial near Pontypool.

Ron in the 1948 Tour de France? ;-)

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Ron, aged 6, on a visit to Paignton in 1928. With Ron are family friends, Mr & Mrs Greedy, (far left and middle) Grandma Bowers and Auntie Mable (far right).

Uncle Ron....We Salute You!

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Ron playing the organ at his home in Cwmbran, 2006.


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