A Visit to Jack Taylor Cycles

Well, not quite. But if Jack, Norman and Ken were still producing bikes I'm sure I would be paying them a visit. So instead, I've put together this description of a documentary about the Taylor brothers called 'The Bike Brothers'. The documentary was produced by BBC North East in 1986.

Also, be sure to visit Joel Metz' definitive Jack Taylor site here, and the 'Classic Rendezvous' Jack Taylor page here.

Stop the Presses.
I have sent Joel Metz a copy of the documentary and he has posted it on his website for download....go here (bottom of page).

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
(note:- the documentary isn't split in to 3 parts..just this description :-)


Narrator: Eric Robson.
Photography: Richard Ranken.
Sound:John Stephenson, Rowland Jones, Huge Jones.
Rostrum camera: Malcolm Kipling.
Film editors:Peter Mackay, Gerry Nyland.
Researcher: Graeme Aldous.
Production assistant: Julie Scott.
Executive producer: John Mapplebeck.
Producer: Richard Else.