After the previous week, we thought that spring was coming; unfortunately the first day of February brought an icy blast over the continent from Russia. Our ride was an old familiar one, over the British mountain at 470m. After riding up the cycle track to Pontnewenydd the old colliery of Tirpentwys needed to be investigated. There was a good path through here that weaved its way up the mountainside and through a few hundred metres of bog (memories of the Drygarn!) before reaching a rough farm track. It was amazing to see an isolated dwelling here miles from anywhere. This track joined up with the road over the top of the British mountain, the icy Artic blasts hit us here and was to remain with us all the way back home, chilling us to the bone. A very cold 20 miles.

Nick's Notes:- After adjusting and changing this and that, today was to be the 'shakedown' run for my Wester Ross. Little did I know that we were to be tackling some fairly stiff rough-stuff during the day taking in boggy ground and rocky roads alike. I was well pleased with the Wester Ross' performance what with her being responsive up front and spritely upon the wheel, taking in whatever was thrown at her. There will be further testing and period-correct changing of some of the components before sending her off to Bristol for a new coat of paint.

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