It was a beautiful Sunday morning as I cycled to Newport to meet Nick at the fire station; he had just finished his night shift. A ruleur ride was enjoyed for 9 miles out along the A48 road to Llanfair Discoed. Here it was my idea to cut through the beautiful valley of the Cwm and try and get to Wentwood off-road. Unfortunately the path marked on the map was blocked by thicket so a retreat was made back to the lane; from here we had an excellent ride to Shirenewton. There were many cyclists out and about, we have always seen the regular clubmen, but now there were a lot of different people out riding their bikes. The ride skirted Wentwood as we swooped down to Llantrisant and then on to Newbridge-on-Usk in the glorious sunshine. We finished off the ride with an amble along the Trehebert road....40 miles.

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