A Visit to Trevor Jarvis Cycles


Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Trevor Jarvis at his home and workshop in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire. I had a bit of trouble finding Trevor after getting caught up in the busy Tenbury Wells show traffic but after following Trevor’s instructions I soon found the home of TJ Cycles down a leafy lane just out side Tenbury Wells itself. I had a warm welcome from Trevor and we were soon sat down having a cup of tea and talking about the origins of Trevor Jarvis Cycles, Trevor’s engineering background, tube diameters and the hand-carving of lugs amongst other things! After a good chat Trevor invited into his workshop where he was working on his latest Flying Gate frame, the frame was clamped into a huge jig that could be rotated to make it easier to carry out the brazing operations. I was shown the various paper patterns that are used for the carved lug designs and how the designs were transferred to the lugs themselves, while I was there Trevor finished off a tube decoration piece that had the frames owner’s initials carved into it! Trevor’s own, Hetchin’s inspired, Flying gate was parked outside and I marveled at the complexity of the lug designs as I took some photographs in the warm sunshine. Trevor also showed me his old 1950's Hetchin's bike which was hanging up in his garage, Trevor told me that the frame had been painted various colours throughout the years but was now back to it's original British Racing green and chrome colour scheme and I had it admit it looked splendid.I had a wonderful morning, which had flown by, in the company of a craftsman passionate about bikes and about getting things right, thank you Trevor!For more information about Trevor Jarvis Cycles and the Flying Gate design at the Trevor Jarvis Cycles website here.

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