The Tom Crowther - fixed wheel.

I was lucky enough to acquire this bargain of a 'Tom Crowther' frame courtesy of Ebay. The frame itself was quite dirty when it arrived but with some gentle cleaning and polishing it's inner brilliance started to show through!

Tom Crowther and Lou Barker were the founders of Mercian Cycles back in the late 40's, I wasn't sure about the connection of my frame's Tom Crowther (of 165, Ulleries Road, Solihull) and Tom Crowther the Mercian founder but I have been informed by Mercian Cycles that they are the same person and that my Tom Crowther is in fact a standard Mercian frame branded as a Tom Crowther. The 21.5 inch frame bares all the hallmarks of a quality, if basic, Mercian frame especially the typical superior Mercian paintwork and lug-lining, The frame now has the following accessories which are a mix of 70's/80's items including:

'Normandy large-flange hubs on Mavic 'MA2' rims.
San Marco 'Rolls' saddle.
TA 'Professional' cranks and chainwheel.
Tange headset.
Sakae Ringyo bars, stem and seatpost.
Weinmann 'Type 730' sidepull brakesI have always been a fan of riding fixed-wheel. Fixed wheel, fixed-gear, on-the-cog, call it what you may the results are the same; a wonderful, addictive way of riding a bike. See Sheldon Brown's Fixed Gear for Road pages for more information about the fixed-wheel bicycle.

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