A training ride was planned for the Sunday morning and looking on the map it was a perfect figure of eight! The Trehebert road was taken to the main Caerleon road, here the climbing began with a stiff one up to Croesyllwarch. I had purchased some new Schwalbe 25mm Durano plus tyres, these were giving a lot better ride than the 23mm tyres that I have used! Usually the road to Newbridge-on-Wye was taken but half way down the hill, the path toward Glen Usk was sought. Recently resurfaced, this route made a pleasant change, dropping down to the River Usk with good views of the Usk valley. A short little climb to Llanhenock was enjoyed before descending down to the Sor valley. This route was turning out to be totally traffic free as the quiet ascent to Dogan heights was taken until Nick's brake blocks started making a terrible scraping noise that carried on through the ride, apparently caused by switching from ceramic to regular rims! Llandegfeth proved to be the centre of our figure of eight. From here Ton road, although short, is very steep and narrow and it was a really enjoyable climb up to the false summit, there are then two more sharp climbs up to the top. It had been raining during the night and the sweet smells of the country were taken in, wonderful! In Llangibby we turned up Parc road, here it started raining, but we road it off and climbed over to Coed-y-Paen. It was not long before the short little climb back up to Trehebert road was reached, to finish off our 38 km ride with 780 metres of  ascending.

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