Trekking with the Trek

Test ride number 1 in Mid-Wales 14.7.17

This ride was the first proper test of the Trek, fully loaded and into the wild areas. So, after leaving Llanwrtd Wells my route took me straight up into the mountains and over Mynydd Trawsnant to the Llyn Brianne reservoir then I took the forestry road around the back of the reservoir to Soar-y-Mynydd and then up the steep the rocky track that eventually takes you past Ty'n-y-Cornel bunkhouse. I made the mistake of making my way across some marshy ground, through an area of mud and then some forestry to get to my my camping spot for the night overlooking the lovely Cwm Berwyn. After a hot meal and a refreshing night's sleep it was an easy ride down to Tregarron and a pleasant amble along the cycle-track that goes through Tregarron Bog. After passing by the remains Strata Florida abbey there begins one of my most favourite rides - the track that goes over Esgair Hirnant to the head of the Towy Valley near Dolgoch - eight miles of pure joy and bliss. However, from the head of the Towy Valley there is a steep road which required pushing the bike up to the top which is where the Devil's Staircase starts it's decent. An easy, wind assisted, ride followed down the beautiful Irfon Valley to Abergwesyn and back to Llanwrtyd Wells.

My Thoughts on the bike so far. Very good!....The track that I took from Soar-y-Mynyndd towards the Cwm Berwyn plantation is the roughest, rocky-est track that you will find anywhere and really only suitable for a mountain-bike with suspension but I managed to cycle it slowly with help from the massive tyres on the Trek, the wheels and the frame stood up to the test without any problems although the whole of my body was shaken to bits - possibly I shall lower the tyre pressures slightly for the next ride. I tested the brakes going down the Devil's Staircase, a very steep road, and I managed to stop on a sixpence so I am well pleased with them, even so I will be changing the brake cable housing to the 'compression-less' type so see what difference it makes - more to follow after the next test ride! ....56 miles.

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Trekking with the Trek