The Bursford Ultimate Bike

Bruce Bursford

The Bursford Ultimate bike was designed and built using aerospace, aviation and F1 technology. The road version weighed less than 10 pounds and was a true one-piece monocoque. The top of the range Ultimate Bike was the 'Aurora' model which incorporated the latest technology available - including advanced hybrid bearings developed for Aerospace applications such as the Space shuttle. The retail price of the Aurora was £25,000! Other models started at £9,500. More information

The Ultimate Bike at Brooklands Museum added 20.9.04

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Here's a great photo of the Ultimate bike hanging, framed, upon the wall in Uri Geller's entrance hall at his home in Berkshire. Uri Geller was partly responsible for Bruce Bursford's psychological training. Uri has told me that he no longer has this Ultimate Bike. See here .

A photo of Bruce at the The MG Owners Club 'Record Breakers Picnic' at Brooklands in Nov. '98.

Thanks to Rob Reed in the USA for sending me these photos. The lower set of images are media coverage stills sent to Rob by Bruce Bursford himself.

Bruce, with trainer Cefyn Lloyd, at Brooklands Museum in August 1995.