It was a lovely sunny Sunday morning as I cycled down to Newport to meet Nick who had just finished his shift at Maindee Fire Station. We went out of the city; our ride took us along the Caldicot Levels, a massive area reclaimed from the sea in Roman times. In Magor we viewed a mediaeval manor house. The ride then turned into a spectacular if not gentle climb up and over Wentwood, an area of forest once used commercially but now owned by the Woodland Trust. This is a charity backed by the Millennium Trust, which is buying areas of woodland for everyone to enjoy, it is good knowing that this area and many others will remain the same without commercialisation. A brisk descent was taken to Llantrisant, then through Newbridge-on-Usk. This year for some unknown reason we have seen a lot more cyclists out and about. Perhaps it is the high price of fuel or the forthcoming Olympics? It is good to see more people are out and about on the beautiful lanes of Gwent. The ride home for lunch was quickly taken along the Trehebert road.

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