It was 09:00 on Sunday morning and a trip was planned out to the lanes of Northern Gwent. Thankfully it had not been frosty the night before so, unlike last week, we were able to cycle the, albeit muddy, roads ice free! After stopping in Usk for a quick coffee break the road to Llandenny was taken and before long Raglan was traversed.  Crossing the main A40 trunk road the quiet paths to the North of the county were a thankful nirvana from the Sunday morning mayhem which seems to be the norm these days. Cycling around toward the rear-view of Raglan castle I experienced a feeling that I could not at first understand, what was it? I was actually enjoying myself! And so it continued up the smoky, mud-strewn tracks to Llantilio Croessenny. The Offa's Dyke path toward Whitecastle was not in good condition, the ravages of winter had turned it into a muddy quagmire that made cycling very difficult. However, this is always a pleasant part of the journey and we briskly arrived at our destination - Whitecastle. Completely deserted, out of season, we did not have to pay the entrance fee.  A quiet lunch was enjoyed  in this almost mystical mediaeval castle. After this a sprint to Llanarth was in order, our route home took us out toward Croes-Llanfair and Goytre. The canal tow-path made for a shaky ride to New Inn where the ride was finished off on the old abandoned road to Croesyceiliog....45 miles.

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