Wester Ross frame 309 FGF.

Roger Nash has kindly got in touch with me about his Wester Ross.

Roger bought the bike from Brian Chalkley (the original owner) in 2001. The frame was built for use with side pull brakes but he (the original owner) had bosses for cantilevers fitted by Mercian who also re-enameled it at that time. The date of this modification is unknown. 309 is a touring frame, 21.5 in and is finished in darkish royal blue with white lug lining. Forks, chain and seat stays are chromed (all half length). Roger plans to have the frame renovated some time in the Autumn and at the same time have some modifications to the frame whilst at the same time use some modern components to finish the renovation. More details to follow !

Update March 2006

Roger has had his frame renovated at 'Argos Racing Cycles' and has updated his machine with some more modern components. Superb.

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