Easter Sunday had come and Nick was back on his beloved Longstaff as we ventured out on to the mud-splattered roads. The sun shone but there was a biting wind as the road took us out to New Inn,Glascoed and then Usk. Our route was to take us out on the main road toward Chepstow then turning off up the lane that weaves its way up to Cobbler's Plain. The previous week's rain had left brown muddy puddles everywhere and Nick's bike was getting plastered on it's maiden voyage of the year, it's lack of mudguards did not help! As we descended the dip to Trellech Grange the wind seemed to follow our every move seemingly to hit us straight on. The beautiful Tintern Cross was visited before dropping down to Tintern itself and the gloriuous Wye valley. The tourist season had started but it was a quite pleasant ride up the valley to Llandogo. A few miles up the valley he main road goes over the river into England but the left fork was taken up the Whitebrook vale. In 1606 there was a wire works here, but the main industry was paper making. It was hard to think of anything like that happening in this beautiful valley with it's main fame now being the Michelin star restaraunt 'The Crown'. There was a respite from the wind however as we enjoyed a good climb up to the Trellech plateau, this wooded area is known as the Narth and is an unusual scattered village that you can only find in this remote area of the Welsh side of the Wye valley. The road eventually ended up in Trellech village where the wind was doing its usual tricks as we rolled along to the top of the Star pitch before taking the fast descent to Gwernesey and then to Usk. From here the hours of battering by the wind had taken its toll and the memory of the ride back on our traditional route home was best left to sink into oblivion!....48 miles.

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